Health and Nutrition

New Study on Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

New information from a recent study done by Dr. Tamlin Conner from the University of Otago located in New Zealand reveals that consuming abundant fruits and vegetables can improve mental health in as little as fourteen days.

Conner and her colleagues gathered 171 students between the ages of 18 and 25 and divided them into three groups. There were two experimental groups and one control group. During the two weeks of the study, the control group was asked to eat just as they normally would, while the two experimental groups were encouraged to eat more fresh produce.

As for the two experimental groups, the participants of one focus group were handed fruits and vegetables each day, and those from the other group were given vouchers to purchase fresh produce at a discounted price and then sent daily text messages to remind them to take advantage of them.

The students were asked to evaluate their mood, motivation, perspective, behavior and energy levels both shortly before and after the study. Conner discovered that the students who were handed fruits and vegetables daily experienced positive changes in mood and behavior beyond those of the second experimental group and far beyond the control group.

Conner noticed that students who were personally handed fruits and vegetables consumed an average of 3.7 servings on a daily basis and were more energized throughout the day. The results from the second experimental group and control group, on the other hand, displayed minor changes and no changes at all respectively.

Conner’s observations are particularly relevant because mental health has become such a serious issue for so many. The mental health epidemic, as it is sometimes called, has swept the nation, and Conner’s study provides concrete evidence that natural solutions can effectively mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety in only a couple of weeks.

While this is not the first study to link the benefits of good nutrition to psychological health, it is the very first one to show such effects in such a short time period. Consuming more fresh produce seem to have immediate effects, so it can help to quickly reduce the symptoms in those who are suffering from mild cases of depression and anxiety.


The key to improved well-being can be linked to living a healthy lifestyle. If you have been feeling down lately, it may be worth looking outside the therapy office for more immediate solutions. Nutrition, sexual health and physical well-being have been known to profoundly impact emotional stability. If you have a poor diet, make sure to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction, talk to your doctor about solutions such as Viagra, Vigora or others. If you’re often tired, lace up your sneakers and go for a jog to boost your energy. Whatever the problem happens to be, you can take small actions today to significantly improve your overall quality of life.