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4 Highly Beneficial Foods for Those Hitting the Gym

People visit the gym with the intention of losing weight and gaining muscles. The former seems easier since any vigorous physical activity in the gym will help you burn calories and eventually lose weight. The later is a bit more challenging and a lot of beginners ultimately give up going to the gym when they don’t see any tangible results despite their hard workouts.

Many people follow a strict diet when exercising because they believe they need only low-calorie foods. In most cases, fitness enthusiasts execrate fats. However, fats are not the same; therefore, such people often end up depriving themselves of essential fats and oils that are needed for health.

Here are four simple foods that will do a lot of good for people engaging in regular workouts:


Avocados are full of healthy oils that aid in muscle recovery and development after intense workouts. They improve your metabolism, which will make your exercise routine more effective. Avocados, however, are not only good due to their healthy fats concentration and metabolism boosting capabilities. They are also full of other healthy nutrients such as vitamins A and E that reduce risks of inflammation.

Chocolate milk

After a tough workout in the gym, your body gets dehydrated and you need a healthy drink to help the body regain lost liquid and energy. Although plain water if fine to hydrate you, chocolate milk is a good post-workout drink that will not just hydrate your body but also give you nutrients and help restore the lost energy. The cocoa in chocolate milk contains calcium that is needed to keep bones strong and healthy. Moderate amounts of chocolate also improve metabolism in the body and this will help you burn as many calories as possible.


Protein is needed during and after a vigorous session in the gym. Although whey doesn’t contain much protein, it does contain indispensable amino acids that your muscles need. In fact, many bodybuilding supplements are made of whey. Additionally, this healthy food also contains lactoferrin that boosts the immune system and, as such, you are better placed to fight germs, harmful bacteria and illness.

Chicken breasts

This is one of the best foods for those trying to build up muscles. Proteins are considered to be the main building material for our muscles. Chicken breasts have a large percentage of protein, and at the same time there is a low amount of fat in them. Additionally, chicken breasts contain such essential nutrients and microelements as iron, calcium and pantothenic acid.